Breakup Dragging You Down? Here’s How To Get Living Normal Again

Heartbreaks are real. The fact that someone dared to come deep into your comfort zone just to mess you up feels disgusting. This disgust often turns into sadness and later develops into depression which makes life very difficult for the people who don’t have strong willpower.

In case you’ve been troubled by such an unfortunate event, don’t worry, we’ve got some positive reinforcements for you. Here are 5 things you can do to take charge and start living as you’ve always wanted to:

Let Go of Souvenirs:

Get rid of anything that reminds you of your ex-partner no matter how dear it is to you. If it’s an expensive gift, you better try to make some cash out of the misery you had to endure because your partner turned out to be such a pig. Souvenirs and gifts tend to carry fond memories of the time spent together by you both and tends to bring about a feeling that things can still be okay if you give it another shot.

Cut The Ties:

You need to seriously sit back and take a look at the people you’re associating with right now. Try cutting down any mutual company whose perception will always be inclined towards you being the cause of the demise of the relationship. Go to and try to forget your toxic past. Such people tend to carry a certain amount of negativity which will only drag you down into the past and make you feel insecure again.


Introspection is the key to recovering from an abusive relationship. If you’ve been taken for granted for long, there are fair chances that you will require some time alone for quality thinking and planning your future. You need to realize that getting away unharmed is a blessing when it comes to an abusive relationship. Always remember, you can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge.


Many people tend to believe in the idea that meditation is something which needs a special setup and a fair amount of time and dedication to be performed. Although meditation does require dedication, the necessity of time and extra setup is just another myth. Many people tend to meditate doing the things which help them focus better. For instance, if you feel calm and focused while painting, you can train yourself to channelize all your positive energy while you’re painting. The possibilities of human bodies are limitless. Go explore!


There’s hardly anything in life that has the healing power which would even come close to that of traveling. While introspection brings you at terms with your mistakes, traveling heals your soul. Healing is a slow process and often requires a trigger to begin. Many people transition into the healing phase via acceptance while some begin to heal when their inner traveler drags the body to explore places around the world.

Life is unfair. The fact that you had expected someone to change because you saw the good in them leaves you disappointed and agonized. We get how you’re feeling right now and that’s why came up with such a topic. Now that you know how to deal with the sorrows in heart, what are you waiting for?

6 Factors That Affect Moving Costs

Moving for the first time? Wondering whether your budget is enough for a smooth experience? Read on to find the factors which affect moving costs!

Moving can be a fun task only if you hire the professionals and spend a significant amount on the entire moving process. In case you’re not having a gazillion dollars in your bank account, we’re here to give you an insight on how moving costs are calculated. Let’s look at the 6 factors that greatly affect moving costs:


It is no rocket science that a boosted demand for any service makes the prices go nuts. Choosing to make the move during the beginning or end of the month or a busy season can prove to be a nightmare for you. The movers remain quite busy that time due to the leases of most of their clients coming to an end altogether and might not take up a client not willing to pay extra cash.


Bad weather is indeed a bad omen for you. Making a move during rough weather conditions not only brings uninvited trouble for the movers but also for your budget as well. Sudden adverse changes in weather often require the movers to act promptly and might elongate the entire moving process. If you’re running a tight ship, make sure you check the weather conditions in advance before you set out.


Although many people choose to pack their own stuff up and let the movers from move it, this can be a nuisance if your stuff gets caught in bad weather conditions during transit. Rain can damage the improperly packed boxes and the end result can be catastrophic. Waterproofing your boxes will require special attention from the packers and will affect costs. Leave the packing to the professionals if you’re not sure what you’re doing.


Hiring an agency with storage facilities is recommended because it gives you an added sense of safety in case something goes wrong. Although being a safe move, storage solutions come at a price and might add a burden on your budget. To be honest, you don’t need to be bothered about storage solutions unless the weather starts to change rapidly.


Distance is directly proportional to your moving costs. If you’re making an interstate move, you will be paying more compared to an intrastate move. This is because the expenditures on gas and manpower will be more compared to moving to an intrastate destination. Besides, long hours of travel mean the movers are adding efforts to get your job done which should indeed be rewarded with better pay.


The location of your new home matters a lot because it decides how much manpower will be required to move all your boxes from the truck to the house. If your house is located at a densely populated area where the moving trucks won’t be able to reach, you’ll be left behind with an added expense due to the extra manual labor required.

Don’t be intimated by the fact that the factors deciding moving costs are manifold. You can still save big by smartly choosing your new home, packing stuff on your own and planning everything keeping the weather conditions in mind. Happy moving!